3.200 isk / 21 EUROS per person

Lecture room price


Learn about Sir William Stephenson, Ian Fleming, Winston Churchill and the origin of James Bond. What is the story behind “Shaken not stirred”, who was one of Miss Moneypenny’s models and why the writer Roald Dahl make the screenplay Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?

In the span of an hour the story of the Icelandier/Canadian Sir William Stephenson is narrated and told – a man who had a profound impact on the outcome of WWII. How Stephenson was connected to Churchill, FD Roosevelt, Ian Fleming and inspiration for James Bond.


Guests who have reached the age of 20 are offered the TRUE SPY beer – Shaken, not stirred – as a gift.

Lecture Duration

The lecture will take around 65 minutes


Grófin 1 – backyard (Vesturgata 4 – Cellar)

Max person per lecture

Each lecture can have max 12 persons

Meeting point

Important Information

  • The basement opens 5 minutes before the lecture starts and closes as soon as it starts.
  • It is forbidden to take photos or record any video or sounds in the basement.
  • Address of lecture room is: Grófin 1 – backyard (Vesturgata 4 – Cellar)